What has the quarantine taught me about self-care?

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4 things I learned about self-care during the COVID-19 quarantine

It was easier back in the day

When I was younger, taking care of yourself was a requirement of natural selection. What do you mean by that James? Let me explain. Growing up in NY, Queens to be exact, Darwin’s theory was in full effect. Wearing wrinkled clothes was a no-no. Face washing before leaving the house was a must. Don’t even think about going outside with creases in your sneakers. You know that crease! The one that develops on the top-side of your shoe after constant wear and tear. Survival in that environment greatly depended on the ability to take care of your personal appearance. Not only is self care important during the COVID-19 quarantine, it is important on a daily basis.

After 17.6 years in the Marine Corps, 4 beautiful kids, and several near death experiences, I loss my sense of style, and overall desire to be “dripping.” My drip consisted of wrinkled cargo shorts, T-Shirt, and sandals! I have the entire grandpa fit down to a science! Get at me if you want that Grandpa Drip!

All jokes aside, quarantine has helped me see [again] how quick life can change. One minute, your routine is all you know, all you can foresee, until that day where a series of events can change your entire life forever. COVID-19 has given me a lot of time to think about life and things I want to accomplish. But not only has it given me time to think, it has given me the time and freedom to act on those thoughts.

You can make goals and accomplish them

In this time, I started a Youtube channel, and this blog! I ironed my cargo shorts and T-Shirt yesterday, and also wore a hat for the first time in 5 years, lol. These might be minor things for some of you, but to me these things are huge. This time in quarantine has helped me identify with who I am again.

Another accomplishment during the pandemic was signing up for the dollar shave club after a friend recommended a skin care routine. I solicited assistance from my facebook friends since my skin kept breaking out. My wife and I also got a treadmill and elliptical machine and have been using them consistently since they arrived.

When all you do is work, come home, sleep, day in and day out for years, it is easy to forget who you are. My recommendation to you, if you feel like I did, is to ask yourself, “What do you want to do with your life? What are your goals?” After you answer those questions, get after it. The next pandemic may not allow us the opportunity to pursue those goals!

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post. More will come every Friday. If you made it this far, please subscribe to get notified when I publish new posts. Thank you and stay safe!

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