How to Enhance Your Work Ethic and Achieve Your Goals

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How to Enhance Your Work Ethic and Achieve Your Goals

How do we achieve the goals that we strive for? Is there a way to create a system that will enhance our potential output from the work that we do? How can we enhance our work ethic? These are all questions we will look at in this blog post. The hope is that by the end we will have the requisite knowledge to enhance our work ethic in order to start achieving our goals.

I want the ability to send all 4 of my kids to college without going in debt. I also want to be in a position to help them build their first business if they don’t want to go to college. As a kid, my dream car was a Porsche 911 Turbo. How could I ever afford a $200,000 car? I often dream about owning successful businesses that will afford my family the opportunity to be happy in life. I understand money doesn’t buy happiness, but it definitely alleviates a large number of stress factors associated with being broke!

In 8 Steps - How to Enhance Your Work Ethic and Achieve Your Goals. 
- James Muldrow

1. Start With The Endstate in Mind

What do you really want to achieve? What is the purpose of everything you are doing right now? Is the action I’m taking right now helping me achieve my end goal? If your answer was “no” for the last question, you should really rethink everything you are doing right now! Go back to the first question.

Starting with the endstate in mind will help you plan in a manner that will allow you to identify exactly what needs to occur to get you from point A to point B. List out your goals based on what you identified as requirements to achieve your endstate. After you list them out, prioritize your list based on importance and dependencies. A dependency of me getting groceries is to ensure that I have gas in the car. Without gas in the car the I won’t be able to achieve my goal of getting groceries from the grocery store unless someone drives me. These are various changes that we still need to account for.

List out your goals and assign dates to them. Now we have milestones. A milestone is defined as an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

2. Do the Work – Enhance Your Work Ethic

There is no sugar coating this step. How do you enhance your work ethic? By actually doing the work! This blog post will give you a solid foundation for completing tasks and projects in a timely manner. Here is where I’m going to stress the importance of actually doing the work! No one else is going to do it for you! You have to put forth the effort that reflects your ambitions! You can’t say, “I want to own a Porsche 911 Turbo S”, but you are doing Nissan Altima work! That’s not a shot at Altima owners, I have owned one, so I speak from a place of passion, understanding, and concern! If we continue to think the world will fall into our laps without matching the energy of the desired output, we have the game wrongly identified!

Make it happen. How to Enhance Your Work Ethic and Achieve Your Goals. - James Muldrow
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3. Identify Resources Needed

What do you need to accomplish the tasks associated with the milestones you have outlined in the previous step? Figure out how much will those things cost? Can you use an alternative material and still achieve the same desired effect? This is a question I would be asking myself, especially if I’m limited on funds. Do you need more funding? Money is a resource but I would attempt to achieve everything I can prior to borrowing money from someone or an entity.

4. Gather the Resources Needed

Now that you know what you need, go get it! This step doesn’t require an explanation. If you need more information regarding this step, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. I will be sure to reach out and assist you in any way I can!

5. Formalize the Plan

Let’s clean up our plan and formalize the steps identified within our planning process. Let’s write down exactly what needs to occur. Plans can be published in many different formats. You can use Microsoft Word or Pages on a Mac. Use this opportunity to detail everything you identified in the previous steps.

6. Publish the Plan

Why do we publish the plan? So everyone involved with helping us execute this plan is aware of what is going on. Everyone will know and understand the part they play in helping us achieve the desired endstate. Push the plan out to everyone that has a need to know. Share it with a mentor to help identify any gaps or shortfalls in the plan.

Publish the Plan. How to Enhance Your Work Ethic and Achieve Your Goals. - James Muldrow
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

7. Supervise the Execution of the Plan

We want to make sure that our milestones are being met according to our plan. This doesn’t mean to micromanage your staff. Just make sure people are staying on target and if not, hold them accountable. If you are a one-man or woman team, you need to find a way to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on target.

I find this to be difficult. Keeping yourself on schedule requires a great deal of discipline. I offset laziness by using accountability partners. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, you need someone that will push you when you feel like giving up. It can be a spouse, close friend, or even your social media following. I often use my social media following to help me stay motivated. Whatever helps you push through, make it happen!

8. Identify Lessons Learned

Here is where we document everything we learn about the execution of our plan. This step can be achieved by holding a meeting toward the end of our execution phase. During this meeting we could ask personnel that assisted in the execution of this plan, What went well, what went not-so-well, what can we do better?

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